Milestone Orthodontics Review

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Feb 4, 2018 | Posted by K.F.

I first started as a patient of Dr. Milestone’s way back in elementary school, when I was referred by my dentist for traditional braces. Years later, health issues kept me from wearing my retainers, and my teeth all shifted. My mom had done Invisalign at the practice after our wonderful years of experience there, so I went back for a consult. They offered me an incredible discount as a returning patient! It’s taken me a few tries as life and health have gotten in the way, but I’m finally committing to finishing the process and getting my straight teeth back. Even all these years later, and even on my fourth attempt to start back at the beginning, Dr. Milestone and his staff still remember me by face and name, ask about my family, and are so warm, welcoming, and engaging. I love seeing everything he does for his patients. If only all my doctors awarded points and incentives for every visit! Being (a little too) familiar with the patient experience, and also working in healthcare, I’m so impressed every time I step into this office. Beautiful space, love the open layout with all patients together in one large exam room. I remember playing Nintendo 64 in the waiting room as a kid, and watching Zoom in the exam chair during my appointments. And those roller rink parties he used to throw for everyone at year end! Though it’s (sadly) no longer the 90s, the practice has kept up with the times and knows how to market brilliantly to its clients. They make patients feel like family—even when you’ve been going there for 20 years! Don’t think you’ll find any other doctor giving you gift cards for showing up and following orders. Highly recommend.